Beth & Ryan

Chatterbox Falls Elopement
Sunshine Coast BC

Their Experience:

“From the moment Ryan and I got engaged, we both knew we wanted a private, romantic wedding ceremony. I enjoy attending big weddings, but an elopement just felt right for us — not to mention much simpler to plan! Given that the west coast is very special to both of us, we wanted to find a romantic and private location on the coast for our vows. After exploring various options, I came across Coastal Weddings and Events. They offered a gorgeous, intimate setting and fully customizable ceremony, but with all the services of a professional wedding planner. We connected with Melissa (from Coastal Weddings and Events) to express our desires and wishes for our day, and realized that she would be the best person to put together the perfect day for us.

We weren’t disappointed! Our wedding day was easily the most spectacular, memorable day in either of our lives. Melissa took care of all the details — all we had to do was show up and enjoy it. Ryan and I stayed at a luxury tenthouse suite at Rockwater Secret Cove for the two nights before our wedding day and a mini-moon afterwards, in order to relax with some hiking, cycling, and pampering. Rockwater Secret Cove is a gorgeous resort, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful spot to disconnect from our fast-paced world.

Our wedding day began with mimosas and breakfast in bed, followed by massages at the Rockwater spa tents, which overlook the ocean. We then traveled into Sechelt to get ready for the ceremony. Ryan got a hot shave at a barber shop while I got my hair and makeup done at the Rainbow Room. Ryan and I then met at the Sunshine Coast Air dock for our first look and photos, before hopping into a classic Beaver floatplane for our transportation to the ceremony location. The pilot, Josh, gave us a spectacular tour of Princess Louisa Inlet on the scenic route up to Chatterbox Falls. We were blown away by the views and felt overwhelmed by this wild and gorgeous province we live in.

Once we landed at the Chatterbox Falls dock, we and the team (including wedding planner Melissa, officiant Pat Carswell, pilot Josh, and photographer Paige) hiked a short way up to the falls. Pat created a touching and personalized ceremony which brought tears to our eyes. Ryan and I then read the vows we wrote for each other, with the mist of the waterfall gently kissing our skin. It felt like a fairy-tale dream.

Melissa put together a lovely secondary spot in the woods for our cake-cutting and signing table while Ryan and I sipped champagne and Paige took more photos. Paige made us both feel so comfortable, and we all had an absolute blast, laughing as she scrambled up to various vantage points in order to get her stunning photos.

Our ceremony ended with a scenic floatplane journey over the mountain passes and glaciers, while we took a moment to reflect on the vows we had just made. We capped off the night by enjoying burgers at the relaxed and friendly Wobbly Canoe patio, with huge smiles on our faces. Neither of us would change a thing about our slightly off-beat, romantic, and perfectly west coast wedding day.”

event details

WEDDING PLANNER: Melissa, Coastal Weddings and Events
Melissa, Coastal Weddings and Events
Paige Lorraine Photography
WEDDING FLORALS: Melissa, Coastal Weddings and Events

WEDDING CEREMONY LOCATION: Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet
TRANSPORTATION: Sunshine Coast Air
Rainbow Room Salon
Cheeky Monkey Cakes

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