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Wedding Florals

Wedding Florals

As we enter into the beginning of the 2017 wedding season this will be our fourth season of offering floral and design services to our Coastal Weddings clients on the Sunshine Coast and we are so excited! 🙂

I have been busy over the winter planning out our cutting garden and my goal is to include at least something from the garden in each wedding design this year. I will try to keep some posts over the busy months to let you know how we are doing and lots of bouquet posts on our instagram feed: www.instagram.com/melissatrippcoastalweddings

Wedding florals by Melissa Tripp, florist

Floral Design at Coastal Weddings was born from the close connection we have with our clients and a bride who after her wedding told me “I wish you could have designed my flowers as well”. Great idea!! and I dove right in, signing up for an online floral design course and then following it up with as many design and floral classes as I could squeeze in! You can certainly say I have caught the floral bug 😉

Over the course of a design with my clients we chat, create a plan, share pin boards, text photos back and forth to perfect the wedding design. This conversation over the weeks and months of working together really is the key to a design plan that is exactly what our couples are looking for. In the days and months leading up to a wedding our clients know that every linen, vase, chair and floral stem that goes into the day was personally hand selected by us. It is then brought to the wedding by your Coastal Weddings planner and set up – just the way you have pictured it in your head!

Wedding flower design by Melissa

We have since expanded by growing a selection of foliage and flowers to add some local and seasonal elements to our designs, added a larger cooler space and this year we will plant even more flowers.

Looking forward to 2017, if you are looking for florals for your 2017 / 2018 wedding on the Sunshine Coast feel free to inquire: www.coastalflorals.ca